KINS268 Nutrition For Health

KINS268 Nutrition For Health


Is there a specific tracking program that works well for this type of task? Do you want something comparable to your example in the instructions or just a summarized report from the online tracking software? Or both? Ann’s reply: I would suggest myfitnesspal.com as a good application/program. You can do it online or on your phone as an app. If you are hand tracking with each meal, you can put it on the sheet (and then input it at the end of the day or end of 3 days) or you can do it right into the app as you eat. Your choice. I don’t need the sheets if you can pull it as a report upon completion of the tracking period. 2- I was just wondering about the tracking portion of the dietary analysis. Do I need to be including all the specific numbers in regards to calorie count, grams of protein, fats, and carbs, vitamin and mineral percentages within my daily tracking? Or do you just want those numbers separate when they come with the online application? And do you want the online software info included in the submission? Ann’s reply: Usually with the tracking software, you input the food and drinks that you have ingested and the tracking program takes care of the rest (it will break it down into the macro- & micro-nutrients). Once you are at the end of the 3 day tracking period, you can get all the information summarized into a report that is generated for you. Then you compile that info together into your assignment. It is your choice if you want to summarize these or snip them and include them in an appendix.

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