Law of Florida – academic acers

Law of Florida – academic acers


In July 2017 Floridians, and soon the rest of the world became fired up with outrage when learning that a group of teens had filmed a disabled man drowning. While Jamel Dunn was fighting for his life in a lake, the teens laughed, ridiculed him and recorded the event on their smartphones for their own perverse entertainment. They displayed a marked unwillingness to help him or notify the authorities. Afterward, they posted the video on social media and went on with their lives. Dunn’s body wasn’t found until three days later. Florida prosecutors were skimming the case for possible legal violations but ultimately decided not to press charges, as no law in Florida regulates this kind of behavior

Why do you think that no law in Florida makes the teens’ behavior illegal? Do you think Florida law ought to change in this regard? Why/why not. For more information on the Law of Floridacheck on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Florida

What Is Ethical Judgment?

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