Situation:  There has been an apocalyptic event.  You are assigned the mission to start a new community on a deserted island along with a team of five people.  You are the leader and are responsible for choosing the five people on your team.

Describe the five types (expertise) of people you will choose as your community start-up team.
Introduce yourself to your start-up team.  Share some information about where you are from, your work background, and explain the mission and what they can expect from you as a leader.  What additional information would you like to share? 
List the top five items you will take with you and why (no electricity on the island).
Discuss the top three leadership roles you see yourself playing in this type of situation (See eText Page 41, Display 2.3)
Discuss the top five characteristics that describe you as a leader in this situation (See eText Page 46, Display 2.5).
Discuss the leadership style you would use in this type of situation (See eText page 47).  Explain why.

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