Life purpose based on christian authors

Life purpose based on christian authors



MAJOR PROJECT DUE: WEEK 1 OF PERIOD 4 (Week 7 of course)

Document in detail your Life Purpose Discovery Process. Use each item below as a section title. You can add as many headings and subheadings as you need. If you include pictures, graphs, or tables, they will not count toward your page count.

A. Explain what is meant by Life Purpose. What does the literature say about how a person identifies his/her life purpose? This first part of your paper can draw on 1.) literature from Christian authors only (no less than 7 Christian authors) or 2.) from a variety of religions and non-religions (no less than 5 different religions) – option 2 must also discuss life purpose from a Christian perspective.

[Note: Part A. should be no less than 8 pages double spaced. You will lose 50 points if this section does not meet the minimum page count (Total page count for paper is below). Go beyond assigned reading to understand this topic thoroughly. This assignment is associated with the research from period 3 dialogue. 

**The remaining points should integrate not only your personal journey in understanding your life purpose, but also what the literature says about key concepts related to this process. When you talk about yourself, you may speak in first person. [Note: If you do not want to discuss your ‘personal journey’ explain using literature – write a ‘how-to’]

B. Explain how you have been led to your current Life Purpose Statement. 

     1. What is your life purpose statement

C. Describe how your career plans will contribute to your fulfilling your Life Purpose.

D. Discuss how your faith will be integrated into every aspect of your life. Make sure you define faith.

E. How does life purpose impact your perception of business ethics?

Write a conclusion

***Note: The sample paper below is only a portion of the paper. The private information about the student’s life purpose discovery is not included.

You may use charts, tables, and text.  The document must not exceed 20 pages double spaced and be no less than 12 pages double spaced  (the page count excludes references). Paper needs to be written in APA. Paper should have no less than 15 references. The Bible does not count as reference.

**Plagiarism is serious and may result in a zero even if it is unintentional. All work will be checked for plagiarism during grading. Students are expected to properly paraphrase information using in-text citations. Directly quoted information must have both quotation marks and an in-text citation. As a graduate student, you must demonstrate your understanding of the material by properly paraphrasing information and rarely quoting information. Changing or deleting a few words in a sentence may still constitute plagiarism – make sure you understand plagiarism!

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