logical flow

logical flow


Write an opinion essay on whether you are for or against vaccines OR GMOs (whichever Topicyou discussed in Assignment #2 – use the same sources you identified in Assignment #2 for discussion here.You may also search for additional articles if you feel it is necessary to support your point of view). Be sure touse complete sentences, your own words and to use correct grammar and spelling and APA referencingstyle with in-text and referencing at the end of your essay to support your arguments.

Requirements for the Opinion Essay:
1) 2 to 3 pages in length – double-spaced, 12 point font and normal /typical margins
2) At least 2 different sources must be used (not older than 5 years – you may use the articles you foundfor Assignment #2 above) (5 marks);3) Clearly explain why you are in support of OR against the subject – with evidence i.e. citing informationfrom your articles
4) In-text citations and referencing – APA format
5) Proper sentence structure, spelling, grammar and clear, logical flow to the paper

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