M3:writing assignment #1 | marketing research | Montclair State University

M3:writing assignment #1 | marketing research | Montclair State University



Context: Jack in the Boxis an American fast-food restaurant chain. Sales have been flat or declining for the last few years. Management has decided to add some items to the menu, but they first want to know more about their customers and their preferences.

Please review the six-step marketing research process and answer the following questions in detail. Be creative, precise, and to the points while answering these questions. You may need to conduct further research to provide ample evidence to support your arguments. Cite references using APA format in the paper to indicate the sources of specific information or conclusions included in your paper. 

Step 1:Problem definition(Chapter 2): Discuss the marketing research problem to be addressed by the management of Jack in the Box. 

Step 2:Developing an approach to the problem (Chapter 2):a. List research objective(s)b. List research question(s)c. List a hypothesis or hypotheses

Step 3:Research design formulation (Chapter 3):Discuss data collection design (What kind of research design do you use? Why?), sampling design (participants), instrument/questionnaire development and pilot testing.

Step 4:Fieldwork or data collection:Discuss your data collection plan and procedure.

Step 5:Data preparation and analysis: Discuss your plans for editing, coding, transcription, and verification of data, and data analysis.

Step 6:Report preparation and presentation:Discuss your plans for preparing report and presenting findingsto the client.

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