maintenance interval decision

maintenance interval decision


1. Which decision model adequately replicates the maintenance interval decision that needs to be made? 2. What use can be made of the available failure and cost data in order to make a more informed decision on a particular maintenance interval? 3. How should the results of a particular decision model be interpreted and what decision should be made given this information and other information available? 4. How can a practical interval be arrived at given the various constraints on cost, access, and synergies between required tasks?
Associated subject learning outcomes
The subject learning outcomes that are relevant to this assignment include: 1. Demonstrate an understanding of the available theory in the area of maintenance requirements analysis. 2. Apply appropriate theory to the problem of maintenance requirements analysis. 3. Demonstrate an understanding of basic reliability theory and terminology.  4. Explain the uses, and the limitations of use, of simple reliability modelling techniques in making decisions on maintenance intervals.  5. Design appropriate methods for performing maintenance requirements analysis on specific equipment given a specific situation

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