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Supply chain methods vary from each organization and management preference but choosing the appropriate one for a business should be based on what is in the best interest of the company. “A chase demand strategy sets the production rate equal to the demand in each time period” (Collier and Evans, 2019, sec. 13-3). For example, inventory production increases as demand for the product increases and vice versa. The service industry is a bit more difficult to forecast demand for particular offerings. I am for a major airline call center adopting the chase strategy to meet demand. According to Sasser (1976), “Service managers using the chase strategy are usually responsible for unskilled employees performing jobs with little or no discretion for low pay in a relatively unattractive environment” (para. 29). A call center employee, airline or any other organization, does not require a significant amount of skill. Positions of this nature tend to operate from a manuscript, providing an opportunity for the business to hire on temps during peak demand keeping unemployment and onboarding expenses low. Forecasting demand for an airline is possible based on promotion offerings and seasonal trends in the strategic business plan.



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