Visit the PMI website.

1. Browse several news articles.
2. Select one article (from 2019-21) you find interesting, summarize it, and identify the key points you found most interesting. Discuss them. (Make sure it is a full article and not just a half-page summary or recap).
3. Why did this article resonate with you? Summarize your thoughts.

Response to Peers

This is a two-week discussion. In the first week, you are to post a thorough, substantive original posting of at least 300 words on the topic (above). After making your original post, make peer postings by replying to classmates throughout the second week. Please see the rubric below to learn how to earn maximum points.

Original Posting

The original post is due one week from the date it was assigned, and all peer posts are due two weeks from the date the discussion was assigned. You will not see your peers’ postings until you make your original post. See rubric below for grading details.

Please cite outside sources using APA formatting (select link to follow) and note that all writing is to be original. Any uncited or plagiarized work will be reported to the College’s Academic Conduct Committee.

Make your original post by clicking on reply in my posting below.

Discussion Board Rubric:

5 points
3-4 points
1-2 points
Below Expectations
Original Posting – Up to 10 Points Possible
Topic Questions and Content All topic questions are addressed. Outside research is evident and cited. Substance and thought have gone into the posting. Most topic questions are addressed. Outside research is lacking or is not cited. Posting lacks substantive content. Some topic questions are addressed. Research is lacking and not cited. Posting does not seem to be substantive in nature. Numerous omissions are present, including missing topic questions, research, and substantive writing.
Format of Posting Professionally organized and written, with no spelling or grammatical errors. At least 300 words or more. Well-written but lacking in organization or consisting of a minor spelling or grammatical error. At least 300 words (or close). Writing is neither well organized nor professional in tone; numerous spelling, grammatical errors. Fewer than required 300 words. Writing is unacceptable, or very unorganized. Fewer than required 200 words.
Peer Posting – Up to 15 Points Possible
Number of Responses Responded to peers more than 5 times. Responded to peers 3 or 4 times. Responded to peers 1 or 2 times. Did not respond to peers.
Substance of Responses Asked questions, added to the discussion, moved the discussion forward. At least 2-3 good-sized, substantive paragraphs per response. Added substantive comments but did not really move the discussion forward nor ask questions to further the dialogue. At least two good-sized, substantive paragraphs per response. Make one-sided comments or brief observations but added no real substance to the dialogue. Either two brief or one paragraph response. Made no responses.
Timeliness Posted early in the two weeks, on at least 3 days of the week. Posted later in the two weeks, on at least 3 days of the week. Posted on fewer than 3 days of the week. Made no respo

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