Market Research/Professional Services companies

Market Research/Professional Services companies

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Compare/benchmark TBR’s practices to industry practices against:

Who we will benchmark the practices against?

Market Research/Professional Services companies

This would give TBR a direct comparison to what they do

Market research companies we will be researching include:

-IDC company

-Forrester company

-DM setting up exploratory corporate demo

(Do marketing research of these companies, and compare. At least 600 words. Writing professional and academic.)

What they do in regards to market research? How they assess win/loss and what tools they use?

sales opportunity tool & win loss tool analysis:


What we will benchmark practices against?

What these market research firms do?

What these professional service firms do to assess win/loss and what tools they use?

What technology companies – Salesforce, Dynamics, other start-up smaller CRM companies do to assess win loss?

How these technology companies are visualizing their data?

How these firms use their platforms/tools?

What data these companies use and what variables they believe are the most important correlating factors when assessing win/loss?

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