MB 202-Enzyme Technology

MB 202-Enzyme Technology


Q1. You are an undergraduate student who has been given a final year project to extract and purify the polyphenol oxidase from red apples. Write a proposal to illustrate the various steps that you would take in the process of extraction and purification of that particular enzyme. You might include in your proposal the following: an introduction of polyphenol oxidase, extraction and purification methods involved and any other appropriate analysis to be used.

Q2. Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd, a national sewerage company would like to monitor the water quality after discharge from their treatment plants. As a consultant, what type of biosensors can be applied for this purpose? Write a report on your recommendations. You may include both enzyme-based biosensor as well as non-enzyme-based biosensor, state clearly the functions, advantages or disadvantages.

Q3. Discuss what is protein engineering and how protein engineering helps in developing better enzymes, especially proteases and amylases in the detergent industry.

Q4. You are a scientist in a biotechnology company who has been given a task to improve an enzymatic reaction for the production of a product with commercial value. Write a proposal to discuss your ideas of how you could improve the performance of the enzyme based on the knowledge that you have gained in the lecture of “Recent advances and approaches to improve enzymatic reaction”.

Q5. (a) Which type of bioreactor (enzyme-based) is normally used in beer brewing  industry? Why?

(b) Compare and contrast packed bed reactors and membrane reactors.

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