Activity & Reflection 4: Media
This assignment will help you enhance your awareness of how ideas related to ethnic minority psychology may be displayed in the media. There are 2 parts to this assignment. The first part is completing an activity (a brief survey) where you identify what media source you chose and how it relates to the course. The second part is a reflection on doing this activity. You will turn in each part separately on Blackboard. More detailed instructions are below for each portion of the assignment.


First you will choose a media source that relates to the course in some way. This allows you to learn more about something you’re interested in and that overlaps with the course. The possible media sources include peer-revied journal articles, documentaries, YouTube videos, or podcasts. If you choose an article, the article must be at least 10 pages long, and if you choose any of the other options it must be at least 15 minutes long. After you have chosen your media source, you will read, watch, or listen to it. Then you will fill out a survey on Blackboard that asks short answer questions about the media source you chose and how it relates to the course. To receive full credit on this part, you must complete the survey by the due date.

After you do the activity, you will reflect on how completing the activity was like for you. Your reflection is your response to three different prompts that relate to the activity. For this reflection – please choose three of the following prompts to respond to/reflect on:

A. How has your knowledge and awareness increased on the topic (of the media source)?
B. What was the most helpful thing you learned from this media source?
C. What evidence for or against a principle described in class does the media source provide?
D. What new/innovative ideas were introduced that go beyond the course material?
E. How does this media source influence your goals short and long term?
F. How have your views or attitudes changed (or stayed the same) due to the media source?
To receive full credit on this part, you must turn it in by the due date and it must be 200 words or more, in APA format (minimal-no errors), addresses 3 prompts, and relates course content.

A template for the reflection is posted separately on Blackboard.