Medication management: Utilizing evidence-based research in your practice ensures that your patients receive the most effective care possible. It is necessary for practitioners to review the research literature and identify therapeutic modalities that have been tested empirically and proven to more effective (as effective, or less effective) than others. By providing the information below, you will begin to build a library of EBP resources for your practice.

This article addresses which of the following aspects of treatment (indicate):
• Medication management
• Psychotherapeutic modality
• Education
• Monitoring and follow-up
• Relapse prevention
• Other:

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Medication management

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Use 2-3 pages APA Format and style and answer each question in narrative form. Remember to include Title Page.
1. Name of the article and include a brief summary of the article (8 points)
2. Brief explanation for why you chose this article in relation to your clinical experience? (4 points)
3. Who published the study? (4 points)
4. Were there any statements of disclosure from the authors? (4 points)
5. Was the research peer reviewed? Validate how you know (2 points)
6. Was the study approved by IRB and conducted ethically? (4 points)
7. What is sample size? (2 points)
8. How was sample chosen? (4 points)
9. What were the inclusion and exclusion criteria? (4 points)
10. What method was used to obtain sample (randomized, sample of convenience, etc.) Quantitative or qualitative? (4 points)
11. What type of data gathered? (4 points)
12. Any confounding variables unaccounted for/limitations? (4 points)
13. Any problems identified that needed further research? (4 points)
14. What were the findings/interpretations and the significance? (4 points)
15. Would these findings apply to general population? Or your clinical population? Address both (4 points)
16. Why or why not? (4 points)
17. How did this compare to what was known about the problem before the study? (4 points)
18. What level of research is this? Be sure to identify tool used to for level (see page two) (4 points)
19. Each student will post their article on Discussion Board along with a five (5) minute FlipGrid video explaining why the article was chosen in relation to their clinical setting, significance of the article, and how the results can be applied in the clinical setting and general population. (8 points)
20. After reading the posted articles, each student will post a five (5) minute FlipGrid response to one (1) video relating to the article (ex: significance of the article) and how the results can also be applied in your clinical setting. (16 points). Do not submit a response to Blackboard; Flipgrid only
21. Include a reference page with any references you use in APA format (may only be one or two) (4 points).

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