Module 05 written assignment- care plan

June 4, 2021

A1.  From reading the IOM The Future of Nursing Report Briefwhich one of the 4 key messages speak to you and WHY?
A2.  From Chapter 3 of the IOM Report: Transforming Practice, list one of the Barriers to Transforming Practiceas identified in the reading.
A3. After identifying the one Barrier, describe a strategy, that you have seen implemented in your work setting or you have seen implemented in the media, to address the identified Barrier.
B)  Describe one example each of how 1) theory, 2) research, and 3) evidence based practice promote interprofessional collaboration in the your  practice setting from a nursing perspective.
C.  Identify two future concerns/issues/directions  you anticipate for nursing in the future. 
     C1.  What are your two areas?
     C2.  Why do you believe each will be an issue for nursing in the next 5 to 10                         years?

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