Mountain Ranges: Format for the research paper is as follows:•All research rapers shall be double-spaced in Arial 12 point font;•Minimum length is five (5) pages (excluding maps, graphics, images, and the bibliography);•Include at least one map; •Provide a minimum of three (3) sources in the bibliography; •Cite direct quotes;•Include page numbers;•Conform with the sample research paper. 

must include

Diving into how mountain ranges are formed. There are multiple mountain ranges
across all seven continents, and will uncover how they were formed and when they
were formed. More importantly, why some mountain ranges have higher peaks than
I. What Caused the Mountain Ranges to Form
When did it happen?
How did it happen?
II. Where are the Mountain Ranges located
Why are the locations significant?
III. Human activity in these ranges
Does anyone live there?
How have humans adapted?
IV. Ecosystem of the Mountain Ranges
Plant and Animal life
How does society use this to its advantage?