My question Read the story to write and answers the questions.

My question Read the story to write and answers the questions.

I need support with this Literature question so I can learn better.

Instructions: Answer the questions below. I have included supplemental information in brackets for you.

You will need to complete of Hemingway, “Hills Like White Elephants” D803 Can you read the story concededly and write your own words.

Your Name:

Assigned Reading’s Author:

Assigned Reading’s Title:

Setting: [I’m looking for city and/or state, if available. If nothing is listed, you will need to give me some information (don’t just say “the author doesn’t say.”) For example, did the story take place in a house, or outside? What kind of scenery does the author describe?]

Point of View: [i.e., omniscient, first person, third person]

Protagonist or Narrator:

Characters: [List the names of all characters in the text.]

Plot: [Do not consult Wikipedia or other outside sources to answer this question. If you didn’t understand the text, please view the resources I have placed on Blackboard. If you still don’t understand, email me. All information you include here must be in your own words. Copying and pasting words from internet sources or my resources in Blackboard is considered plagiarism.]

Literary Period: [I have all the texts listed in literary periods on the syllabus. However, as I point out in the resource material for many of the texts, there are several texts that overlap two or more literary periods. So, to answer this question, I would like you to state the literary period in which you think a text belongs. Then justify your answer. Remember that some of the literary periods share similarities with one another (realism and naturalism, for example). So, you will need to be very specific in your answer.]

Why is This Text Important? [There is almost no wrong answer for this question, as long as you provide support for your answer. What I’m looking for is a thoughtful response that shows me that you are engaging with the texts.]

((Hills Like White Elephants)) is told mostly in dialog?



What is the setting for “Hills Like White Elephants?”

In the hills

In a train station bar

In a house

The story doesn’t say

What is the “operation” that the two characters are talking about in “Hills Like White Elephants?”


An appendectomy


An abortion


A hysterectomy


They aren’t talking about an operation

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