Navigating Intimacy(2 pages assignment)

Navigating Intimacy(2 pages assignment)

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Topic: The power of friendship/mentor-ship

Prompt: What does it take to be a real friend? A mentor? Please write with detail about that bestie person(s), a friend or mentor, that is always there for a pick-me-up on the other end of the telephone, or in person, arriving with a hug and a smile and advice. Take us on a descriptive journey so your audience can feel the power of that friendship or how that person has mentored you — the impact on your life, on your soul.

The subject of your journal can be a family member if that’s YOUR person or a friend, teacher, coach, etc. If it fits, integrate passages from the readings/viewings into your writing.


Real friendship takes real time – Capital Gazette

Andrew Solomon – TED Talk – Depression, the secret we share.

Attachment to Parents, Social Anxiety, and Close Relationships of Female Students over the Transition to College-Springer

Real friendship takes real time

On mentoring: l :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFUXtURI-Dk

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