Need a research paper—each que 2 pages of answer —apa is not

Need a research paper—each que 2 pages of answer —apa is not


 Each essay should include an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion/summary paragraph. • Each paragraph should be fully developed with an introductory sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. • It is highly advisable to provide the reader with a thesis statement and a thesis map for each answer. 

q-1)  Information Governance failures has cost businesses and governments millions and billions of dollars. The course text provides the NSA & Edward Snowden along with Ford Motor Company as examples of what failing to implement a program that works correctly can result in a breach. • 

q-2) The text names off three different common risk profile methodologies • 

q-3)  Using an organization with which you are familiar, describe the role of the most senior IS professional. Is that person a strategist or an operational manager. Describe the specific role of that individual (what tasks does he or she perform?).  

q-4)  In this lecture, we discussed several different models and archetypes. Look at your company (you don’t have to provide its name) and report on the following: • 1) Identify the Organizational Structure and provide examples supporting it (centralized, decentralized, federalized). • 2) Identify the IT Governance archtetype and provide an example. • 3) Has this model been effective? Would you recommend a different approach?  

q-5)  1A: Based on your readings and research of a subset of peer-reviewed journal articles published on an aspect of information technology, evaluate the results, and identify at least two emerging and developing trends. 

q-6)  : Critique how either quantitative analysis or qualitative analysis is applied to research in your specialty area (Block Chain, Cybersecurity, General IT, or Forensics). Examine and comment on the appropriateness of using either method, or a combination to advance of the field of information technology. 

q-7)  4B: Based on your analysis of scholarly literature over the past five years in the management of network technology, propose and justify at least two best practices based on your analysis. 

q-8)  Assess leadership on policymaking. Describe the importance of ethical leadership on information technology policymaking and helping to solve societal problems. 

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