Need Assignment Completed Please read the entire instructions

Need Assignment Completed Please read the entire instructions


Unit IV Literature Review
Draft of Introduction and Literature Review Follow the directions below for the completion of the introduction and literature review draft assignment for Unit IV.
If you have questions please email your professor for assistance. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to begin drafting your academic argumentative research paper.
Description: In this assignment you will first write your literature review; then you will write your introduction. Please see Lesson 4: The Introduction for details on why it is suggested that you begin the drafting process with the literature review instead of the introduction.
The following details are requirements of the assignment:
Introduction (9-12 well-developed sentences/approximately 350 words): For more details about what is expected for each of the following sentences please see Lesson 4: The Introduction. You may also want to review the Example Introduction and Literature Review (with comments). The following components must be included in the introduction (in the following order).
1: Introduce the general topic Sentence
2: Pro side (general) Sentence
3: Con side (general) Sentence
4: Narrow the scope (1) Sentence
5: Examples of the narrowed topic Sentence
6: Narrow the scope (2) Sentence
7: Specific controversy Sentence
8: Pro side (specific) Sentence
9: Con side (specific) Sentence
10: The thesis
Literature Review (800-900 words): For details about the structure of the literature review you will want to review Lesson 3: The Literature Review: The Process. You may also want to review the Example Introduction and Literature Review (with comments). The link is below
Literature review preface: This paragraph acts as a guide to what the reader can expect in the literature review. Literature review body: This section includes three to four body paragraphs that discuss the history terminology and both sides of the controversy (pro and con). Literature review conclusion: The conclusion signals that the literature review is ending but it also acts as a kind of preface for the body of the paper by restating the thesis statement and establishing your argument once again. Demonstrate how to summarize and paraphrase source materials. Demonstrate the avoidance of plagiarism through proper use of APA citations and references for all paraphrased and quoted material. Example: Click here to access the example introduction and literature review. Note: The conclusion is not presented in this example; however the literature review conclusion is a requirement of the assignment. You may also seek out the guidance of the Success Center; the specialists are always there to assist you with your writing and comprehension. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.
This Completed Research Proposal is what cooralates with the assignment up above. Unit IV
Would Banning Muslims from Entering the United States of America Reduce the Incidents of Terrorism in the Homeland?
Would Banning Muslims from Entering the United States of America Reduce the Incidents of Terrorism in the Homeland?
The Topic
The Americans may hold different views about the efforts to reduce terrorism in the country. However the issue of allowing Muslims to enter the country proves controversial because some people may propose that the government bans the Muslims from entering the homeland. Therefore there is a need to undertake a research on the views that the Americans hold about allowing the Muslims from other parts of the world to enter the country. In the research it will be important to establish the age and gender of the immigrants who are prone to engaging in the terror activities. Additionally the immigration status of the individual the rate of terrorism and the education of the terrorist suspects are the concerns of the research. Thus this research proposal intends to establish the American perspectives on the possibility of having a relationship between the Muslim immigration into the United States and the frequency of terror attacks in the country.
The Controversy
The purpose of this study is to establish whether Muslim immigration into the United States causes terror activities in the country and the American perspectives about the issue. Using some immigration scenarios the research strives to show the age group and gender that is likely to be associated with the terror activities according to American perspective. Moreover the research can clarify the concerns of the Muslim minority who may argue that they fall victim of security agencies who carry out operations after a terrorist attack. Moreover the research will entail establishing of the views of the Americans about religious profiling that may happen after terror attack. The number of terrorist attacks will form the dependent variable while the age gender education and military involvement of the immigrants will stand as the independent variables. Given that it is difficult to establish the intentions of the immigrants a qualitative method is the best method to identify the character of the immigrants their age and gender as (Pawson 85) points out. The qualitative research approach begins by identifying the independent and dependent variables for the research.
Research Question
After establishing the purpose of the research it is good to state the research question. Therefore the research question is: Would banning Muslims from entering the United States of America reduce the incidents of terrorism in the Homeland?
In answering the question it is appropriate to use a research that follows the criteria for the purpose of understanding the views of the Americans and the Muslims who live in the United States. However it is apparent that banning Immigrants from getting into the United States does not reduce the acts of terror in the homeland. It is the undoubted truth that not all Muslims are terrorists and therefore banning all Muslims from entering the United States amounts to blanket condemnation and infringement of rights. There are those Muslims that enter the United States to engage in businesses and therefore denying them a chance amounts to economic sabotage. Thus Americans who take part in the research should give a direct answer about the issue of allowing Muslims in the United States.
Many Americans have mixed views or emotions about banning Muslims from entering the country and their proposal is enforce stricter inspections to reduce terrorism in the country. For instance in the past Americans have proposed control of illegal arms as a way of reducing terror activities in the country. From other research Americans have suggested upgrading of the VISA security program to identify the fake VISAs that the terrorists may use. Many Americans propose screening of all containers that are destined to America to ensure that explosives do not enter the United States. The stated measures constitute the views of Americans towards reducing the acts of terror in the country and they do not support the banning of Muslims.
Tentative Thesis Statement
It is noteworthy that conspiracy theory about the terrorism may shape the American perspectives about the relationship of Muslim immigrants and the acts of terror. The research will seek to know whether Americans use the conspiracy theory to build prejudices against the Muslims. People may use the conspiracy theory to build prejudices against the Muslim immigrants into the United States. The conspiracy theory has it that Muslims through ISIS may destabilize the world and may not know peace wherever they go. The research may respond to the concerns of those who believe in conspiracy theory. There are those citizens that hold the belief that majority of the Muslims are either terrorists or terrorist sympathizers and therefore they should not be allowed into the United States. It is such prejudices that the research may clarify on whether Muslim immigrants may cause terror scares among the citizens of the United States.
Pawson Rogers.A Realist Approach to Qualitative Research Joseph A Maxwell. Qualitative Social Work 13.4 (2014): 85-86. Web.

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