Need Pozgar Chapter 5,6,7,8texts: Pozgar, G.D. Santucci, N.M

Need Pozgar Chapter 5,6,7,8texts: Pozgar, G.D. Santucci, N.M


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Need Pozgar Chapter 5,6,7,8texts: Pozgar, G.D. Santucci, N.M., & Pinnella, J.W. (2016). Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals. Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 4thQUESTION 1:In the Pozgar, the author states that if the “ethical theories, principles and values discussed in Chapter 1 had been adopted, in place, understood, and practiced, Kelly Niles would be leading a normal life today. Instead, Kelly is paralyzed from the neck down.”The Tomcik case looks at a delay in diagnosis of breast cancer at a corrections facility. There is a cascade of issues, from the care given at the time of exam to the institutional issues of scheduling health care visits in a timely manner.Tomcik case study: chapter 6 page 202.Niles case study: Chapter 6, page 198.Pay special attention to the list of 7 ethical/legal issues (Chapter 6 Pozgar, Niles Case Study)Chose ONE of these cases and select and apply an ethical theory, principle, or value to demonstrate how this would have made a difference in the outcome.This assignment represents our initial exploration into the intersection of ethics and the law.Make sure you cite sources and include a reference list–Pozgar is required, I welcome you to use other appropriate sources.1. Do you agree with the courts decision?2. Discuss why the court’s decision was made.3. What ethical values and legal issues were breached by the caregivers?QUESTION 2:Chapters 7 and 8 look at a number of ethical and legal risks for health care organizations.Looking at the profession that you are currently in or plan to enter(nursing), identify ethical and legal risks in that field. If you are unfamiliar with what those risks might be, please feel free to investigate relevant literature.Use either the academic OR popular press articles you used in your Survey assignment earlier this semester (or you can find a new one if you feel necessary).Make sure you cite both the article AND Pozner in your arguments.You are also encouraged to cite the regulatory and ethics resources used in your Survey.To summarize:-Select an article from your Survey assignment-Explore ethical AND legal risks-Consult Pozgar to put issues into perspective-Reference the relevant regulatory and ethics resources from your Survey assignment

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