Week 2 Assignment: Conflict Resolution Model SubmissionThis week, you will identify the conflict resolution model for your research paper. To gain a more complete understanding, refer to the assignment details above and instructions before beginning this assignment.Compose a one- to two-page paper that addresses the following:A description of the modelThe reason you selected this model over othersFormat, cite, and reference according to APA Style.To assist you, download theConflict Resolution Table.(use the link for the table)https://learn.westcoastuniversity.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-5018147-dt-content-rid-78596356_1/xid-78596356_1List of Conflict Models( you can selected the model you want use from here)The Circle of Conflict modelThe Triangle of Satisfaction modelThe Boundary modelThe Interests/Rights/Power modelThe Dynamics of Trust modelThe Dimensions of Conflict modelThe Social Styles model


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