Professional Practice Papers:
Submission of papers is a ONE TIME, FINAL SUBMISSION. PLEASE BE AWARE: Submission of papers goes through an Originality check through Turn it in is a program to check for plagiarism. The program will generate a similarity score. You must score < 25 similarity in order to pass.
If your paper does not pass the originality check, there is minimum 10-point deduction on the paper grade and corrective action plan must be made with the professor. Be sure to properly paraphrase and avoid quotes. Be sure to properly reference your paper (both in the reference section and internal citation).


Research and select a current professional practice topic relevant to nursing (NOT A CLINICAL TOPIC). Select 3 current articles from scholarly journals (articles from publications such as Advance, State Nursing Publications, or 1 page write ups are NOT acceptable) that have been written from 2000-present. Articles MUST be from the USA or Canada (foreign studies/articles are not acceptable). All topics and articles MUST be approved. Topics can include (but not limited to):
• New roles of the discharge planning nurses
• Advance Practice Nursing impact in health care on quality measures or patient satisfaction
• Entry level education preparation of nurses
• Communication in Nursing (shift reporting/hourly rounding)
• Professionalism in Nursing (ie. Uniforms, tattoos, social medial)
• Conflict resolution among staff, or younger vs older nurses
• Safe staffing levels
• Mandatory overtime
• Safety on the job (safe patient handling, requiring of vaccine)
• Unions

For the flow of this paper, you should start with introducing your professional topic briefly. Then describe the significance of this topic in relation to the articles (what has been found about this topic based on your analysis of these three articles). Next discuss the specifics of each article by summarize each article and include the key points in no more than 2 paragraphs for each article. Finally, summarize the implications of these articles in current nursing practice (what effect does this topic have on nursing). REMINDER: This is NOT a book report, this is a scholarly paper. Articles should NOT be referred to as “article 1” etc. Quoted text is ONLY allow in rare circumstances and should be avoided (you MUST paraphrase). Do NOT write in the first person. Research should be conducted in such data bases as CINHAL, MedLine ect. This paper must be typed in double spaced, 12pt times new roman font, with 1 inch margins written in APA 6th ed. The body of this paper should not exceed 5 pages, papers exceeding 5 pages will have 5 points deducted. Do not include an abstract


APA (including grammar, punctuation, writing style) 10%
Significance of the topic 15%
(This should be cited from information found within the articles
(Collectively discuss the topic in relation to the articles)
Summarization of articles 45% (15% each article)
Implication of this topic to practice 30%
(Discuss in relation to the 3 articles)
Safe Assign Originality Check P/F
(Similarity Index must be < 20% or a minimum of 10-point deduction will be assessed)
Late papers will follow late assignment grading policy

Nurses and Ethical Dilemmas (how nurses can successfully solve ethical dilemmas at the workplace)

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