Mid-term Quiz – DFN 437 – Morning Class

Scenario 1: You are a nutrition educator working for a non-profit organization. The director of a religious school program in the Bronx calls you and asks you to come in to do a nutrition workshop with the teens in this program. You gladly accept and start by doing a needs assessment. These are the questions you ask and the answers the director gives you:

1. What are the ages of these teens? 13-17
2. How many will there be? About 12
3. How long should the program be? 1 hour fifteen minutes
4. What time do they meet? From 1-2:15 after the service.
5. I will be paid from my job, but do you have any money for me to work with? How about $35 for supplies and/or food
6. So can I serve them food? Yes – and they will be hungry, coming straight from the religious service
7. What is the space like where I will be working? It’s a big room, but there are tables and chairs that can be moved around, a blackboard on 1 wall with chalk. There is easy access to water, and next to the room is a fully-equipped kitchen you can use, if you want.
8. What other equipment might be available to me to use? Well, if you’re thinking about PowerPoint, or something requiring a computer, that’s not available.
9. Do any of the teens have any medical or nutrition-related issues that you know of? Several of them are overweight. 1 is allergic to peanuts
10. Are there any who don’t speak English? They all speak English
11. Do you think they have much prior knowledge of nutrition? Not much, except maybe they’ve had some basics in school.
12. Do you have any suggestions for topics that you think they could benefit from? I’ve been thinking about this, maybe something on Eating to Look Your Best, or Food Advertising, or maybe something like The Meaning of Foods for our Faith – why don’t you choose among these 3. And if it works out well, maybe you could come back to do the others.
1. Before deciding on the topic, come up with at least 1 more question you would want to ask to help you decide? Write the question(s) and make up an answer (answers) the director might give you.
2. Choose your topic from among the 3 the director suggested and describe why you chose it (based on what you know about these teens).
3. Choose what teaching techniques and activities you would want to use – list them
4. Choose what sub-topics you’d want to cover (make a list of the general sub-topics – not every word that will be spoken!)
5. Write up 2 or 3 objectives for your workshop – what you will know you’ve accomplished (or not) at the end of the hour and fifteen minutes
6. Choose what food you’d want to serve them or have them help to prepare and then sample – and why did you choose this food?
7. Write up a materials list of what you would need to bring along (remember, this is a fully-equipped kitchen so you don’t have to bring any utensils or actual cooking equipment)
8. Put all of the above together in the form of a lesson plan (use the template provided)
9. You will prepare a brochure for these teens. What will you include in this brochure? Envision what you would like it to look like and describe it. No need to tell me every word that goes on it, but include what’s on the front, the back, and inside. What content do you want to cover? What images will you include? What’s the title? What colors will you use? This is what they will take home with them – keep this in mind because you want them to keep it, refer to it, and not just toss it.
Location Date Time
Topic Objective(s) Materials List

Sub-topics and activities

Total Time 1 ¼ hours