one text and one text analysis

one text and one text analysis


This assignment requires: 1 Text and 1 Text Analysis. The two documents combined should total at least 1,000 words.

The Text

  • Find a purpose (persuasive, informative, entertainment, commemorative). Your text does not have to be persuasive, but you will still attend to the persuasive aspects of your writing. In other words, you’ll make conscious choices about what you’re writing and why you’re writing it. You’ll have a chance to explain these choices in your Text Analysis.
  • Find an audience (local paper, journal, state senate, SJSU President, your peers, your significant other, people online, etc.).
  • Create a text (letter or letter writing campaign, video script, speech manuscript, blog, editorial, website content, flyer, advertisement, etc.).
  • Use at least one credible source. This source may be something you use in your writing OR you may use this source to research your given medium/genre.

Text Analysis

REQUIRED Questions (every Text Analysis should address these questions):

1) Who is your audience/reader? How did you keep this audience/reader in mind when composing your text?

2) Discuss the rhetorical context/situation/occasion of your writing. Include in this discussion ways the medium you’re writing for (print, screen, audio, etc.) impacted your writing choices and the ways your genre (based on your genre analysis) impacted your writing.

3) How did you refine your writing? Did you make conscious choices about your diction (word choice)? Did you select words for their connotative meanings? Did you implement precise verbs (and perhaps remove adverbs)? Choose specific or general words? Did you consider inclusive language? Point to specific examples from your text. Did you aim for a concise writing style? Why or why not? (Point to examples if relevant.) Did you avoid passive language and opt for active language? Why or why not? (Point to examples if relevant.) Did you ‘show’ instead of ‘tell’ in your text? (Point to examples if relevant.)

4) Defend at least one credible source you used and explain how you used it. You might find this document on Using Internet Sources Preview the documenthelpful.

OPTIONAL Questions (if your text is short and you need to expand your Text Analysis to reach the required total of 1,000 words, you might also consider these questions—pick and choose—you do not need to answer all these questions):

1) If your purpose is persuasive in nature, what persuasive strategies did you use in your text? Point to specific examples of how you used these strategies. (e.g. show ways you appealed to ethos, pathos, logos; show examples of your use of rhetorical language strategies).

2) What strategy did you use in the introduction of your text? Why?

3) Did you use an example or story in your text? Why or why not?

4) Did you use statistics in your text? Why or why not?

5) Could you write a similar text with a different audience in mind? If so, what changes would you make for your new audience?

6) Did you experience writer’s block during your writing process? How’d you get past it?

7) How did you revise and/or edit your text? Did you implement changes after the peer feedback session?

8) What was your process for choosing a topic? Did our class discussion on kairos play any role in your topic selection?

9) Do you need more ideas for your analysis to meet your word count requirement? If so, contact your instructor—don’t just add a bunch of adverbs!


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