Onet online differences | Management homework help

Onet online differences | Management homework help



As described in Chapter 1, O*Net is a source of information on most occupations. The website provides detailed descriptions of the type of work conducted in each occupation as well as bullet statements that can be used on a resume. The site also has ratings on a number of dimensions for each occupation (stress, satisfaction, etc.). This is a popular source for human resource professionals. Additionally, O*Net has resources for college graduates and military veterans to help with their transition into the workforce. 

For this assignment you will identify two workplaces (two occupations) that are distinctly different. Using O*Net (Links to an external site.), first identify the types of taskwork and teamwork processes that are required in each workplace (i.e., compare and contrast). Then compare the workplaces based on the operationalization (i.e., what it looks like in that context) of the communication process model. For example, “information” for a grocery store clerk will be different than for a police officer. Give examples from each workplace and describe how the communication process looks different. You may organize these components in any way you wish.

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