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June 11, 2021

Practical connection assignment with data science and big data

June 11, 2021

Please refer attached document and the actual assignment starts from step2
Please carefully read the deliverables and answer each point.
Below are the points from what professor mentioned 
Requirement 1 (concept map should related to the project ITS631_GroupProjects.docx)
You needed to submit a visualization (the concept map) and a paper that describes motivation (why the topic you are choosing is important and interesting), objectives (what tentative issues/aspects will be researched in the term paper), a work plan, and an initial list of relevant references that you have found.
Please refer the conceptmap example attachement
Requirement 2
Final deliverable are mentioned in the file
1) Issue analysis table (from Step 2)
2) Technology briefing (from Step 3)
3) Migration plan including An “as-is” and “to-be” process flow diagram for at least one system (from Step 4)
4) Final presentation (from Step 5)
Concept map on the topic mentioned on ITS631_GroupProjects.docx
5-6 Pages of project base on same topic mentioned on ITS631_GroupProjects.docx.
ppt based on the same topic mentioned on ITS631_GroupProjects.docx
please include the references (same references on all the papers)
apa format
cite the reference properly


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