Paper 12 | Education homework help

Paper 12 | Education homework help


complete a scholarly paper that focuses on a contemporary issue in Criminal Justice Human Resource Development. The paper must be 12-15 pages, not including title page, abstract, or reference page. The content must be comprehensive, accurate, and/or persuasive, and develop a central theme or idea, directed toward the appropriate audience. A Christian worldview must be fully incorporated into the content; a sentence or two is not sufficient. A minimum of 15 scholarly sources beyond course sources (e.g., textbook, recommended readings, and presentations) must be used. Current APA style must be followed, and all source information cited in proper APA format.

Your Criminal Justice Human Resource Development issue must focus on a contemporary issue facing criminal justice administrators. Suggested topics could be: skill shortage, lack of viable candidates, employee performance, ROI of training, legal challenges of hiring, diversity, principles of adult learning, salary compression, etc. Structure for the paper must follow the outline listed below:

·  Identify the problem.

·  Present an overview of the problem.

·  Discuss why the issue presents a problem; this is the “so what?” question. Use real-world examples if possible and tell how others address the issue.

·  Propose a solution. The solution must be realistic and fully address the issue, to the extent an outside party could use your solution as-is to address a real-world problem. If no solution is required, explain why.


Lussier & Hendon, Human Resource Management (2016).

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