Health: NURS 449 Preceptor Experience Reflection based on QSEN competencies: See rubric attached.

The QSEN (Quality and Safety of Education in Nurses) competencies are core values for health care professionals to guide safety and quality in patient care. Navigate to the QSEN website for more information.

Provide an overview of your internship experiences. Describe the client population, your typical duties, and any experiences that stood out to you. Then complete the QSEN domains as they applied to your experiences. Provide a summary paragraph explaining how the internship experience enhanced your career as a future nurse. (100 points) APA format. Total content not to exceed 3 pages. Must include title and reference pages.


QSEN portion descriptions:

Teamwork and collaboration: Describe a patient-focused problem that you and your preceptor discussed with another member of the health care team.

Evidence-based practice: Identify and describe the electronic sites that you and your preceptor accessed through the Internet to facilitate evidence-based practice or patient teaching. Describe the situation you utilized the evidence in.

Patient-centered care: Describe how you and your preceptor included the patient or family in clinical decision making.

Quality improvement: Describe a unit quality improvement initiative that you and your preceptor discussed.

Safety: Describe a safety issue that you and your preceptor identified on the unit. Include your plan for possible improvement.


***You can just make up the 36-hours shadowing experiences with the manager of the 17-beds ICU unit at Mercy Health System, Janesville, WI for the  preceptorship  overall experiences.***

Need at least 2 resources, using APA 7th.