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Above is the link to the book, “ Patriotism” by Yukio Mishima

  1. How do you understand Mishima’s dedication and nostalgia for an idealized Japanese past from reading the first two chapters of Patriotism (you can answer this question even if you know little about Japanese history by looking at the way he represents traditional Japanese values such as loyalty and honor)? Give one or two examples from the text that help demonstrate what you understand.
  2. Find a passage that best expresses Mishima’s intertwining of sex (desire) and death, and analyze it for meaning. What imagery, symbolism, descriptors does he use?
  3. Choose a passage that describes a ritual element of Shinji and Reiko’s suicide, and analyze what you think Mishima is trying to convey with his depiction.
  4. Which of the two characters do you find most compelling (interesting)? Explain why?
  5. What is your favorite quote? Why?
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