Peer Review 4 short easy papers

Peer Review 4 short easy papers

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Peer Review “Form” (which is really just a list of prompts/questions):

Copy and paste these prompts/questions below, write your responses under them, and submit the prompts/questions and your responses as your peer feedback. When responding to the prompts/questions below, respond/speak to the writer.

Background: (This section will help give the writer some insight into where they might need to include more thorough information. Your responses should be honest, and you should consider your input as a mechanism for helping the writer think about and focus some of the details of their work.)

  • What are the two countries and types of healthcare systems the writer will be discussing?
  • How familiar are you with each type of healthcare system? List each and offer a 1-2 sentence assessment of your familiarity.
  • What are some of the basic concepts of each type of healthcare system that might be unclear to people who are unfamiliar with them?
  • Does the writer offer a clear and useful overview of the two countries they will be discussing?
  • What additional information should the writer investigate about one or both countries that might provide useful background for their project, and help to contextualize their writing?

Thesis Statement:

  • Review the linked handout (Links to an external site.) and offer clear, specific feedback on the writer’s thesis statement (Links to an external site.).
  • Offer at least one specific suggestion for how the writer can strengthen and improve their thesis statement. As part of your suggestion, use examples as appropriate to help clarify what you are suggesting. As appropriate, include links to resources you may be aware of that you think would be helpful to the writer.

Annotated Bibliography:

  • Investigate the writer’s sources (follow links as provided, or look them up). Are their sources categorized correctly (e.g., report, academic journal article, etc.)? If not, specify which sources are categorized incorrectly, and explain what kind of source you believe the writer is using.
  • Are the sources cited based on their category type and according to APA standards (Links to an external site.)? If not, specify which sources you believe are cited incorrectly, and specify what needs to be revised. Include links if appropriate.

Final Overview: (Instead of copy/pasting the entire prompt below into your feedback, you might want to simply label it “Final Overview,” or something similar.)

  • Offer a final review/summary to the writer. Start with “Dear ________,” [insert the writer’s name into the blank]. Offer positive feedback first, and then focus on moving forward, potential improvements, and what kind of graphics, links, materials, etc. you believe could add interest and aid comprehension in their final professional blog post. Include whatever other kinds of (positive) review, etc. you think will help the writer move forward.
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