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Part B You will be required to review the Part A video presentation of another student. Please pair  with another student and share the  link to view the relevant presentation. You are not required to meet, hold discussions with or provide any feedback to the other student. Your review is submitted to the facilitator only.

This review will be a written response of no more than 1250 words and whilst you will have limited information and understanding of the other student’s context and challenges, you are to provide feedback in the following:

ï‚· Consideration of relevant theory and concepts and their application to the issues raised.

ï‚· Integration of concepts and appreciation of their implications

ï‚· Communication style and effectiveness

ï‚· Strengths of the presentation

ï‚· Areas for development or further consideration Your response should take into consideration the key principles discussed in relation to communication and performance management. A constructive review will require you to have a solid understanding of all topics covered in this subject.

Your review may take a variety of forms but must be within the word limit and include:

ï‚· Cover page

ï‚· A short introduction

ï‚· A review of the presentation including the points mentioned above

ï‚· A short conclusion

ï‚· Reference list

Your review will be assessed against the learning rubric below taking into consideration the above requirements.

(((( i will Email the presntation )))


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