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Traditionally, schools have been seen as the place where learning occurs, yet people are continually learning all day, every day. In this assignment, you will explore how you learn best when you are learning something of interest, and you will compare and contrast your preferences with a case study.

Assignment Instructions

Part 1

Imagine you have inherited a ton of money and will never have to work for income for the rest of your life. Think of something you have wished you could experience, learn, or figure out, if only you had the time, money, or energy. What would you learn and how would you do it? Is your unique way of approaching learning this thing like other people’s or is it very different?

Part 2

Select a case from Learning Theories: Case Studies.

Note: You are asked to write from your perspective for many of the elements of this paper. When you are presenting your own theoretical orientation and learning plan, it is most appropriate to use the first person.

Additional Requirements




In order to find out if learning has occurred, we need to use some kind of assessment. In your post this week, share your experiences with various forms of learning assessment in your own learning experience and in your personal and professional activities. Share some of the controversy surrounding the use of standardized assessments with children and adults, and suggest alternatives to what we have been doing so far that could be more effective. Share an example of an assessment common to your profession. What are some of the pros and cons of using this assessment?

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