phase 4 conclusion | Nursing Term Papers

phase 4 conclusion | Nursing Term Papers


This week you will begin working on Phase 4 of your course project. For Phase 4 of your course project, you will want to review your instructor’s feedback from your Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 submissions to make any necessary corrections. Remember if you have questions about the feedback to ask your instructor for assistance.

Once you have made your corrections, you will compile your information from Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and your final conclusion into one submission and submit this as your rough draft for Phase 4 of the course project. Below is a summary of the expectations for Phase 4 of the course project:

  1. Conclusion: Recap your ideas by summarizing the information presented in context of your chosen scenario.

phases 1,2 and 3 are listed and it all needs to be made into one paper.


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