PhD Article Critique Outline

PhD Article Critique Outline

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Read one qualitative research study approximately every week per the syllabus; outline a brief critique (approximately 1⁄2 page, typed, outline form) based on criteria discussed over the course of the semester. You will find that your criteria for critique will be quite

subjective at first; however, as we move along through the semester, your critiques will become more specific. Use your outline as a guide for class discussion. The critique should include the following items:

  1. Author last name, brief title
  2. Research question(s)
  3. Rationale for qualitative research
  4. Paradigm(s) guiding the research
  5. Research design (specific methodological approach)
  6. Data-gathering strategies
  7. Data analysis methods
  8. Strongest points
  9. Weakest points

During the first three weeks of class, find a published qualitative study in a reputable peer-reviewed journal in your field or a closely-related discipline and e-mail me the article. The article should include all the elements of the research process (i.e. research design, data collection, findings, discussion, implications, recommendations, and conclusion). You will not get credit for sending me a theoretical qualitative research paper.

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