Plan of Action—A Literature Review for A Public Health Problem

Plan of Action—A Literature Review for A Public Health Problem

The literature review process can be an inexact science and tedious process because of the extensive scope of public health material, studies, and research. To add to this challenge, there are inconsistencies in the search process which demands a systematic approach to reviewing available literature in order to apply evidence-based decision making. Nonetheless, the literature review remains a key process in EBPH.

Going back to Week 3 Project in which you identified five peer-reviewed articles, use the other two articles that you did not use for your assignment. Now, do the following:

  • Utilize these two articles to “Analyze, Summarize, and Apply the Literature Review” process.
  • Summarize each article ensuring that you focus on the relevance of the article to your public health topic. Each summary must clearly demonstrate the connection or importance of the article being reviewed. For example, one article may be providing background information to your public health problem while another article may be presenting policy approach to your public health problem while yet another article may be reviewing a successful intervention or approach to address your public health problem.

In completing this assignment, please utilize all the information (readings, websites, search engines) covered in this module.

Utilize assigned and suggested weekly readings, the South University online library, the Internet readings, and references to search, evaluate, and retrieve relevant EBPH literature to support your responses.


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