Planning for end of life Essay

Planning for end of life Essay


Planning for end of life Essay

In 800-1,000 words, discuss end of life planning.
Discuss what should be considered for end of life planning (e.g., organ donation, living will, will/trust, power of attorney, advance directives, care of dependents, care of pets, assets).
Discuss the psychological development of aging and how the different development stages would affect how someone might plan for the end of life during particular stages of life.
Explain how you would educate a person regarding how emotional changes in the aging process can affect end of life planning.
Describe how you can assist a person to plan for their end of life.
An abstract is not required.

Planning for end of life Essay

Benchmark Information
This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies:
MS Psychology, GeroPsychology
5.1: Analyze the psychological aspect of aging.
5.3: Analyze the emotional aspect of aging.

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