Please attach the requested programs below as your assignment submission.

Your assignment is to create a hierarchy of classes representing animals.

The root of the hierarchy should be a class named Animal (in file, described in more detail below.

There must be at least two subclasses of Animal (you are welcome to have more than two). If you have no other ideas, you may name the subclasses Pet ( and MarineAnimal (, but you are welcome to choose different groups of animals.

Each of your subclasses of Animal must in turn have at least one subclass (it may have more). Each of these sub-sub-classes of Animal must represent a specific animal, such as dog, cat, green turtle, octopus, and so on. In total, you must have at least six of these classes, representing six different kinds of animals. Choose suitable names for each of these animal classes — the TA may award less than full credit if your names are not suitable, so if you choose an unusual animal, make sure an appropriate comment clearly explains why your choice is suitable. It is also your choice which of these animals belongs to which subclass of Animal, but again your score may depend on the appropriateness of your choices and/or on how well your comments explain your choices.

Your Animal class must have at least:

For your immediate subclasses of Animal, you should choose which instance variables (if any) and methods they provide. The same is true for the individual animal classes. The only requirement is that each of these classes must have at least one new instance method not present in any of its superclasses. Again, choose suitable methods. For example, a Pet usually has a name, and a MarineAnimal may or may not breathe air.

As well as its own unique method, each animal or group of animals may override one or more methods from its superclass(es). This is up to you.

You must also create a TestAnimals class with a main method that does all of the following:

The code in your TestAnimals class need not be all in the main method, and in fact you are encouraged to create and use multiple methods within this class.