Please write a casual opinion piece (around 1,000 words) about children and the COVID19 Pandemic, in the window provided. This does not need to be a structured, formal essay, but please do use direct quotes from one or both of the two course books, to show how your opinion has been informed by course material. Marks will be awarded based on evidence that your opinion piece has been informed by the readings, and learning activities in this course. 

1,000 words is 2 pages single spaced, 4 pages double spaced. Please double space your answer.

No Title Page. No Reference List.

In the body of the opinion piece, when you quote the books, reference them with author, date of publication and the page number you’re quoting. If you are not directly quoting, then the author and year of publication will suffice.

Direct quotes: (Leonard 2016: 122-123)

Referring to material but not a direct quote: (Leonard 2016)

Indirect quote: (Priestly in Mills & Mills 2000: 117)

Referring to material but not a direct quote: (Mills & Mills 2000) or (Rhodes in Mills & Mills 2000).


Please choose one of these topics and list it as your title at the top of your opinion piece, so I know which topic you’re writing on.

Remote and in-person schooling in a pandemic

How having children at home during the pandemic has impacted (disrupted or enhanced) your studies, livelihood or quality of life.

The role of children in transmitting the virus.

Grieving for children who lost relatives in a pandemic. 

Remote and distance socializing and the impact on children.

Intergenerational living during the pandemic.

Socializing children in isolation in terms of birthdays, graduations, rites of passage.


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