Applied Sciences homework help: Podcast with transcript: Post: Your initial post should fully address each of these points about your chosen topic:

-Clearly articulate how AI is being used now and in the future for your chosen topic.
-Discuss what are the positive aspects of applying AI to your topic.
-Discuss the negative aspects to be considered when applying AI to this topic.
-Summarize your views on how our society should address the concerns raised by the application of AI in your topic, and what you think the future holds for the use of AI in our society. 
Your initial post responding to this assignment should be a podcast of no less than 2 minutes and no longer than 3 minutes. The podcast should provide a professional level of audio that covers the 4 points listed above. 

For your audio presentation, keep in mind the following:

The audio presentation should be less than two minutes long. If you’d prefer to create a video presentation, this is acceptable as well.
Along with the audio, you need to include a written transcript of your presentation. This can be copy/pasted into the body of your discussion board post.
You should also include a list of any references used in your post and audio presentation, using APA format.