writing reflection 2 pages

June 11, 2021

5 economic questions

June 11, 2021

edit the slides about electrocautery

Stakeholders analysis

  1. Sub Groups
    1. Patients
    2. Patient Family
    3. Patient Advocacy Groups
    4. Physicians
    5. Professional Societies
    6. Nurses
    7. Facility administrators
    8. Public payers
    9. Government
    10. Non-Governmental organizations
  2. How much does the current solution cost?
  3. How is it successful? How is it deficient?
  4. What barriers exist to implementation of the proposed solution:
    1. Incremental advance (not worth it)
    2. Too costly (not worth it)
    3. Ignores current culture (hard to learn, goes against existing practices)


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