Powerpoint presentation (10-15 slides) | Computer Science homework help

Powerpoint presentation (10-15 slides) | Computer Science homework help



YOUR TOPIC: You are the new Web Analyst for Friends of Disaster Relief (FDR) a non-profit organization. The company executives and the Marketing team cannot figure out why the organization is not receiving the expected targeted donations from the website. The website was created without any web tracking tools or a statistics capability, in other words no way to track visitors or anyone who made donations.

You have been called to the main conference room, to deliver your PowerPoint Presentation; your task is that you are trying to convince the top tier executives and marketing team that having a website without visitor tracking is not acceptable, you have developed a solution of why the organization should be using web analytics and what the organization should be tracking and suggesting the tools they should be using.

 The Presentation Guideline Requirements:

  • Your presentation should consist of 10 -15 slides with an opening title slide.
  • You must include notes to each slide in support of that page (this is very important). You should have 125 words on average or more per each slide notes.
  • The notes must be supported by in text citations
  • Your presentation must have references of 3 – 5 sources in total.
  • Use should use graphics, themes and images to draw your audience into the presentation.

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