Present a ‘business report’

Present a ‘business report’


Find the websites for: (a) a ‘Big 4’ audit firm and

(b) a ‘non-Big 4/mid-tier’ audit firm (Australian based or otherwise). Present a ‘business report’ (see below) that addresses the following two requirements;
(a) Compares your two audit firms on the following ten characteristics: (20 marks; no more than 1000 words)

i.   Range of services provided.

ii.  Geographic coverage (i.e. where their offices are located).

iii.  Number of staff and special skills offered.

iv.  Industries in which they claim specialisation/expertise.

v.  Publications and other materials provided to their clients or the general public

vi.  Key marketing message(s).

vii.  A topic of your choice No. 1.

viii.  A topic of your choice No. 2.

ix.  A topic of your choice No. 3.

x.  A topic of your choice No. 4.

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