Presentation of the PHC 241

Presentation of the PHC 241

Presentation topic: –

Iron deficiency Anemia in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Presentations should include:-

*Adequate description of the nutritional issue, including a general or specific case.

*Discuss preventive or curative strategies and any relevant local or national Policies.

*Practical recommendations to reduce malnutrition.

*Questions for class discussion.


*Presentation must consist of no more than 15 slides and no less than 13 PowerPoint slides (including one page of

class discussion questions).

*The cover slide must include: the university logo; Show title, group Member names and student ID numbers.

*Support your presentation with at least three references (APA style).

(The references should be in the last slide according to the APA style.)

* The font should be 12 Times New Roman

*Title must be bold

*Line spacing should be 1.5.

* Avoid plagiarism.

* Use graphics and shapes whenever you can.

The PHC 241 is shown.

Topic for the presentation: –

a lack of iron In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, anemia is a problem.

The following items should be included in presentations:

*Adequacy of the nutritional problem, including a general or special case.

*Discuss any relevant local or national policies as well as preventive or curative initiatives.

*Recommendations for reducing malnutrition in children.

*Questions to be discussed in class.


*The presentation must have a maximum of 15 slides and a minimum of 13 PowerPoint slides (plus one page of notes).

questions for class discussion).

*The university logo, show title, group member names, and student ID numbers must all be included on the cover slide.

*Include at least three references in your presentation (APA style).

(According to APA style, the references should be in the last slide.)

* Use 12 Times New Roman as the font.

*The title should be bold.

*A 1.5 line space is recommended.

* Do not plagiarize.

* When possible, use visuals and shapes.