process control plan

process control plan


1. If you were Christina, how would you design a process control plan to ensure that these requirements were met?

1- Using the seven principles from the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Christina should map the process with a flow chart to identify all possible control points. Through the data in the flowchart she needs to identify critical control points which will identify the points in that potential hazards can be identified and controlled or eliminated. She needs to establish critical limits for each of the identified control points that will identify the standards or operating range in which the food can be safely processed. There will have to be procedures established to determine when the cooking temperatures should be monitored.

2. Design specific forms or “standard operating procedures” that you think would be helpful in implementing your plan, specifically for the example of hotdogs.

2-For developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in preparing a food item like hot dog, based on HACCP Principles, one has to adopt “Process 3” which relates to“Complex Food Preparation” as given in HACCP Manual for “Operators of Food Service and Retail Establishments”.

The SOPs document for preparing hot dogs is as follows:

SOPs for Cooking and Storing Hot Dogs

Purpose: To avert illnesses caused by food-borne bacteria and parasites by cooking and storing hot dogs at suitable temperatures.

Scope: This procedure is vital for those who prepare food in restaurants.

Key words: Temperature, storage, cooking, reheating.


1. Provide proper training to employees of restaurants to use these SOPs.

2. Follow HACCP Manual whenever required.

3. Employees should ensure that the received hot dogs have temperature between 40 degrees Fahrenheit (F) and 34 degrees F.

4. The hot dogs must be stored in a temperature range of 34-40 degrees F.

5. While cooking, the hot dogs must be warmed to 145 degrees F temperature, within a time frame of 30 minutes after putting on the grill.

6. The unserved hot dogs should be wrapped properly and kept refrigerated immediately and these must attain a temperature of 40 degrees F or less inside 4 hours.

7. The stored hot dogs have to be reheated to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F inside 20 minutes and for a single time only.

Corrective Action: Warn and retrain any employee who is not adhering to these SOPs.

Verification and Record Keeping: The manager should physically monitor the work of the employees from time to time and make sure that a daily log of storing, cooking and reheating temperatures is correctly maintained.

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DATE REVIEWED: _____________________ BY: ____________________________

DATE REVISED: _____________________ BY: ____________________________

How might the process control plan have to be modified to deal with handling ground, uncooked meat, such as hamburger or pork sausage, keeping in mind that the risk of bacterial contamination is much higher for such products?

3-Handling uncooked meat, the risk for bacteria is much higher. When interacting with such products as hamburgers and pork sausage cross contamination is another factor of risk. To modify the process control plan, one must follow rigorous sanitation. Washing of hands thoroughly before, while, and after handling meat products. Being able to recognize proper hygiene will be vital in the success of preventing bacteria from spreading. Also, controlling the temperature as the bacteria may not withstand neither extreme cold or heat. There also may be chemicals that may be used to prevent the spread of contamination. Keeping the raw meat isolated is highly important as we do not want to risk contamination. Making sure that the environment where the item is stored can become a vital factor as we want to ensure proper handling. If all possible being able to test the product for the bacteria will be essential in dealing with the meat product. The control plan should be very much intact, but when dealing with a sensitive product sanitation is a key factor.

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