Program Implementation & Evaluation Ok, public programs are up and running

Program Implementation & Evaluation Ok, public programs are up and running and the issue is—How well are they doing? This is a very broad question and an open-ended question but one which requires various approaches and methods of evaluation. From the readings that you will go through, some readings address what we might call “methodology” where you are trying to lay out a way to actual evaluate a program. Evaluation comes in many shapes and sizes. Some of the readings look at different public programs and give you an idea, or an insight, into how each is evaluated. Feedback is important, we assume that nothing works perfectly (if you took the “Public administration: Principles, Applications, & Ethics” course, you did an assignment on the “Law of Unintended Consequences”). We need feedback to look at how to “tinker” with a program or make major overhauls. Evaluation helps us determine what to do to make those either small or major changes. In this assignment address evaluation. Do discuss the different methods or approaches. can then be a combination of you discussing these different methods and approaches and how evaluation has been addressed regarding different public programs.

1) minimum of five typed pages. 2) I do want you to discuss the readings. It might be a good idea if you think of the readings as having these two categories (one on methods and approaches, the other on case studies where you see different programs being evaluated). The readings do not easily fall into either category, but from going through them, you can begin to figure out how to break what you read into the two categories.

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