Progress Letter

Progress Letter

I’m trying to learn for my Writing class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Pay particular attention to the four categories that you’ll be asked to reflect on in your Reflective Introduction and throughout your ePortfolio: 1) Knowledge Transfer; 2) Your Composing Process; 3) Rhetoric, Argumentation, and Multimodal Communication; and 4) Your Revision Process.

Now, look through the bullet points underneath each of the four categories, which include a variety of open-ended questions. Choose one of the bullet points from each of the categories (i.e., four bullet points in total) and write a paragraph responding to each of them. In each paragraph, please refer to AT LEAST two specific assignments that you completed or specific moments that you experienced over the course of the quarter. These shouldn’t be vague references to your work. Rather, you should RE-READ your own writing assignments and reflect on SPECIFIC MOMENTS in your research process, quoting from or describing very specific examples of your work from the quarter. The more specific examples you describe, think about, and explain, the better!

You should end up with four extended paragraphs for this assignment, which will help you think about the larger argument you’re interested in making about your development and growth in this class.

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