GO19_AC_CH09_GRADER_9G_HW – Monthly Promotions 1.1


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 GO19_AC_CH09_GRADER_9G_HW – Monthly Promotions 1.1


Project Description:

In this project, you will import tables to a blank database from Excel and text files. You will create a report and export it as an HTML format. Additionally, you will make a screenshot of the HTML document and paste it into a new Access form.


Start   Access and open the file Student_Access_9G_Monthly_Promotions.accdb   downloaded with this project.


Create   a table in the database by importing the downloaded Excel workbook named a09G_Customers.xlsx. Indicate that   the first row contains column headings. Change the data type for the Postal   Code field to Short Text and let Access add the primary key.


Continuing   with the wizard, name the imported table as 9G Customers.   Do not save the import steps.


Open   the 9G Customers table, apply Best Fit to all columns. Save and Close the   table. Merge it with the existing Microsoft Word document a09G_Promotions_Letter.docx. The   recipients will be selected from the existing list in the 9G Customers table.   Verify that Show/Hide is active. Place your insertion point at the beginning   of the fifth blank line after the current date. Add the Address Block, and   click OK. Insert the First Name and Last Name fields between the space and   the colon in the salutation line. Place a space between these fields.


Preview   your letters and Complete the merge for only the eighth record. With the Word   document displayed, use the Snipping Tool to create a screenshot of the   screen, and then Save the file as a JPEG using the file name MergeLetter. Close the document, and Close Word.


In   the database, on the Create tab, click Form Design to create a new form in   Design view. Under Form Design Tools, on the Design tab, in the Controls   group, click Insert Image, and then click Browse. Navigate to the location   where you saved the MergeLetter   screenshot, and double-click it to insert the image file in the Detail   section of the form. Save the Form as 9G Merge.   Close the Form.


Create   a table in the database by importing the downloaded tab-delimited text file   named a09G_Monthly_Promotions.txt.   Use the first row of the file as field names, and let Access add the primary   key.


Continuing   with the wizard, name the imported table as 9G Monthly   Promotions.   Accept all other default options.


Create   a simple report based on the 9G Monthly Promotions table that will open in   Layout view.


Add   the downloaded a09G_logo.jpg file   as a logo to the report header. In the Title of the report, add Liberty Motors in front of the title, and then move 9G Monthly Promotions to a second   line.


View   the report in Design view. Set the Size Mode property of the logo control to   Zoom. Set the width of the control to 1.5 inches   and set the height to 0.5   inches. Delete the Date and Time controls. Resize the report to 6.5 inches   wide. Save the report with the default name.


Export   the report as an HTML Document. Open the destination file after the export is   complete, accepting all other default options. Use the Snipping Tool to   create a screenshot of your screen, and save the file as a JPEG using the   file name HTMLReport.
Create a blank form in Design view and then, in the Detail section, insert   the image file, HTMLReport, into   it. Save the form as 9G Promotions HTML.


Save   and close the database, and then submit for grading.

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