Project Management – academic acers

Project Management – academic acers


1) As a result of an active transition from the industrial into an information era and the increasing complexity and volatility of the marketplace, measures of project success have been evolving in parallel with this shift. For instance, satisfying the triple constraint has transformed into satisfying a strategically aligned business need, and satisfying the needs of customers and users has changed to making them want to keep coming back (Heerkens, 2006).

(a) How has this transition influenced your workplace or an industry that you are familiar with, in terms of changes to measures of project success? Please be specific and offer examples to present a tangible depiction of the shift (see above examples).

(b) Informed by your response to part (a), how has the organization’s perception of “quality” changed? You can simply describe your company’s current perception of quality.

(c) How do changes to the perception of quality affect process improvement? Please use examples from workplace to respond to this question.

2) See slides 10 and 11 (Example of Cause and Effect diagram) in “Quality Tools and Topics” PPT lecture. Produce a similar cause and effect diagram to analyze a problem that your workplace has dealt with. You can also use a well-known case/scenario or daily-life problems to address this question. Your diagram needs to be detailed and contain relevant information. Please present in a professional manner similar to how a consultant would complete this task. The goal is to provide a “holistic” analysis of the problem of interest.

For more information on Project Management read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_management

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