1 Read the four case studies in the document “2208 CaseStudies.pdf”

2 For each case study you need to identify as many aspects of theories and practices related to leadership, based on

the course materials and lectures. These theories and practices must be listed numerically, and you must clearly

show how these theories and practices relate to the case study specifically.

3 Each case study is worth 10 marks.

4 Your assignment will be graded on professionalism, completeness, and accuracy related to the course material

and how well you relate that material to each case study.

5 Each case study must have its own page within your report. Each case study will cover no more than one page in

your report.

6 Citations are important. Marks will be deducted for improper or missing citations. As usual, you must include a

title page, table of contents, etc.

7 This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade. It should represent your best work to-date. It should clearly

demonstrate that you understand and can relate the course material to the case study, and vice versa.