Project Overview

The course final project is designed for you to apply the software application skills you acquired during the term. For this project, you will use all four of the Microsoft Office applications to create a unified project on a single topic. The instructions below are not step-by-step instructions – as part of the previous assignments you’ve already learned how to carry out various functions in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Instead, the information below details the requirements for the final project. If you need assistance with “how to do something in one of the Office applications” return to your SIMnet MS Office textbook. You can access this via the “Library” link in the top right-hand corner of SIMnet.

Software Requirements

You must use the following software applications to create the final project:

• Microsoft Word 2019

• Microsoft Excel 2019

• Microsoft Access 2019

• Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

No other versions of Office may be used. If you’re missing any of the above applications, keep in mind that the computers in the Open Computer Lab (DTEC 462) have all these applications available for your use.

Project Topic

Your project topic is your intended major/career.  You should begin developing your project after researching your intended major and career via the Careers in IT sections of the textbook and websites linked in Module 13.  This is the focus of your final project. You will use ALL the Office applications to create content related to your chosen topic.

Project Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for each of the four applications are detailed in the checklists below.

  1. Each application component is valued at 65pts.
  2. There are 40 points (10 pts each application) allocated for professionalism, effort, and creativity.

o  applying additional skills covered in the course but not listed as a minimum requirement,

o  adding additional graphics or pictures,

o  applying varying color schemes,

o  creative formatting of the Excel chart,

o  using various design backgrounds with presentation slides,

o  creating your own slide background instead of using a design template,

o  adding a border to the Microsoft Word document component,

o  graphically editing pictures and other graphics,

o  adding external sounds or movie clip in the PowerPoint component, etc.

  1. This project must be an original creation, not a copy and paste from this semester’s assignments. All rules concerning Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism will be strictly enforced.
  2. The project must be based on your original work.

Microsoft Access – (65 points)

___1. Create a database and name the file using your last name_final project

___2. Create a table

___3. Create a minimum of 5 fields in table

___4. Create a minimum of 6 records in table

___5. Assign a primary key (note the primary key must be unique for all possible data)

___6. Create a form based on table

___7. Create a query containing 3 fields – your choice of fields

___8. Create another query containing 4 fields – sort the query on your choice of field

___9. Create a query with at least 3 fields and restrict the query results with your choice of criteria

___10. Create a report based on table or one of queries

Microsoft Excel – (65 points)

___1. Create an Excel workbook and name the file using your last name_final project

___2. Create a worksheet with a minimum of 5 columns (title each) – apply formatting other than Excel’s default.

___3. Add a minimum of 7 rows to the worksheet (title each) – apply formatting other than Excel’s default. and 7 rows

___4. Create formulas in no less than 4 cells, these are separate from the functions in #5 and must be 4 different formulas

___5. Use the MIN, MAX, and AVERAGE functions

___6. Create a title for the worksheet merging and centering the text using a minimum of 5 cells – apply formatting other than Excel’s default.

___7. Rename the Sheet Tab using your last name and apply color to the sheet tab.

___8. Create a chart on separate sheet using the data on the main sheet; name the sheet tab Chart

___9. Add Sparklines to one or more pieces of data

___10. Change the Number Formatting from General to a Number Format of your choosing to one or more rows/columns of data

Microsoft PowerPoint – (65 points)

___1. Create a presentation and name the file using your last name_final project

___2. Use a minimum of 10 slides. Each slide must have a title.

___3. Select a design theme or create your own theme.  Use high contrast font color based on the color of the slide background.

___4. First slide must be title slide layout with your name, course and section number

___5. Add a picture of your face on the title slide and apply a style to the picture

___6. Use the Notes Pane to add a slide note to at minimum 1 slide

___7. Add a footer to the presentation with the date of development or slide number

___8. Add Online Pictures or other graphics to a minimum of 4 slides

___9. Add WordArt to at least one slide

___10. Apply slide transition to all slides in the presentation

___11. Use a SmartArt Diagram

___12. Add entrance effects to at least 1 text and 1 piece of Clip Art

___13. Create a table with a minimum of 2 columns and 3 rows

___14. Create a simple column chart

___15. Add a title to the chart

___16. Last slide must indicate that the presentation is ending

Microsoft Word – (65 points)

___1. Create a document and name the file using your last name_final project

___2. Apply a document theme that is different from the default “Office” theme

___3. Set margins to 1.25-inch top and bottom and 1.50 inch left and right

___4. Set line spacing to double

___5. Set paragraph spacing to before: 6, after: 6

___6. Create a header with your full name aligned left and the course number & section number aligned right

___7. Create a footer with the page number centered to the page

___8. Create a bulleted list, or numbered list, with a minimum of 2 items in list

___9. Add a picture of your face

___10. Create a title for your document: font of your choice, 14pt or larger, bold, italics, color (change from default of black), set to Small Caps, and centered to the page

___11. Create a subtitle for your document: format it using the Subtitle Style

___12. Document must be no less than 150 words

___13. Insert a comment within the document

___14. Using the Advanced Document Properties, add a Title, Subject, and update the Author to Your Name

Sending (uploading) the Project

  1. Launch MyHCC/Canvas
  2. Navigate to the Final Project Module
  3. Upload all files to the Final Project Submission link, be sure all 4 files are attached before clicking Submit.

Grade Point Distribution – 300 Points

Microsoft Access


Microsoft Excel


Microsoft PowerPoint


Microsoft Word


Professionalism, effort, and creativity

Creativity is measured in various ways, including:

This project must be an original creation, not a copy and paste from this semester’s assignments. All rules concerning Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism will be strictly enforced.


Total Points